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You can’t turn back time but you can get what you are entitled to.

Our Fees Explained

You may already be financially stressed due to excessive medical expenses or losing income.

Speak to us for a no obligation cost-free consultation about your case. In the event that we believe you have no case or poor chances of success, we will advise you no fee will be charged. Where we undertake to investigate the care and determine that there is no case, we will explain our findings to you, we will bear the expenses and close our file.

If you have a case and want to proceed with a claim, we will explain your options to you. You have the option of financing the litigation yourself or entering into a Contingency Fee Agreement which is regulated by law to protect you.

To determine whether your case has merits, we investigate a prospective claim at our own expense. The entire claim process, including investigation, medical assessments, travelling and accommodation arrangements and expenses, are covered by us. These costs are recovered from the capital (lump sum) award received at the end of the case.

We have an open file policy. The wheels of justice do turn slowly and often you may wonder how the process works or how something in the news affects your case. You can follow up about your case and the claim process at any time with one of our attorneys.

When we assist clients on a No win – No fee basis (Contingency Fee), you only pay the fee once your case is finalised. You have the assurance that the fees charged are above board and has to be in line with the Contingency Fees Act. For your peace of mind, this is checked by our courts via Taxing Masters of the High Courts as well as by independent and objective Trustees where minor children are involved.

Part of a successful claim will consist of a contribution to your legal costs by the responsible party, which gives you the best chance to rebuild your life with as much financial compensation as possible.

You can find out more about our fees by enquiring from our offices – gives us a call, send us an email or use our free website enquiry form.

Our Results

Your success is our focus and you can see the passion in our work. Exceptional settlements are our speciality and we are proud to have achieved ground breaking settlements in South African law.

Our recent awards include:


Loss of Support


Leg Amputation


Brain damage &

partial blindness


Cerebral palsy



To enable you to live your life to the fullest, we focus on getting you the maximum compensation you are able to get.