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Medical Negligence Law

As you know, medical malpractice seriously impacts the lives of the affected people and their families. Our clients have suffered life-changing injuries and we have helped them recover medical negligence compensation to rebuild their lives.

Medical practitioners in South Africa have a reasonable standard of care that are expected from them and to which they strive as a profession. When treatment is below that standard and causes harm to a patient, compensation may be claimed.

We are proud to say that we have achieved truly exceptional results for our clients. We are experts in the field of medical law and medical malpractice, are well known and respected in the medico-legal community.  We offer specialist legal advice in all types of hospital and medical negligence incidents, ensuring that our clients’ cases are fully investigated, researched and assessed by respected local and international medico-legal experts.

Negligence and Personal Injuries

Personal Injury claims

Personal injury claims involve all incidents where a person’s body or livelihood has been harmed by the negligent or intentional act of another. Examples are medical mistakes or motor vehicle accidents leading to permanent disabilities.

When you need to claim compensation by way of a court case, you have to first prove negligence or unlawfulness, and secondly what the extent of the harm is that you have suffered as a result. This is measured according to your medical expenses, loss of income or support and determined by way of experts’ evidence.

You are assisted every step of the way in proving your case and advocates and specialists are appointed to represent you in court. We cover all expenses related to investigating and quantifying your personal injury claim with the right medical experts until your matter is finalized.

Blindness after premature birth

Premature babies may develop a potentially blinding disease called Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) if not carefully treated. Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) in most cases is an avoidable cause of blindness which can be caused by giving too much supplemental oxygen for too long.

Premature babies often require extra oxygen to assist them, however, there are important guidelines on the levels that babies should receive.  And if a baby has received oxygen, it is essential that eye tests be done to check for diagnose the condition and treat the baby’s eyes in time. Health workers are aware of these risks and should take precautions to prevent blindness and inform the parents of the riks.

If you suspect an eye condition or your baby has been diagnosed with ROP it is essential that you appoint a legal specialist with many years of experience and who has performed extensive research into medical negligence involving prematurity with resultant vision loss and blindness.

Your Retinopathy of Prematurity claim is given personalized attention by our attorneys, including engaging, consulting and debating with the leading experts in this field of medical negligence, in order to properly assess your claim.

Special Interest and Specialization

The firm’s special area of interest is children who have suffered severe injuries, including as a result of birth injuries and substandard medical treatment to babies and children. The firm has had many exceptional results on behalf of children who have lost their sight and suffered brain damage through medical negligence in one way or another. Paul and his team have extensively researched the topics to become leading litigators in these complex claims.

Birth injuries

If there is an unacceptable delay in delivering a baby or the incorrect method is used, a baby can suffer a brain or other injury to their body. This can be due to a lack of oxygen (e.g delay in delivery) or due to pressure such an impact to the head (e.g delivery with forceps). Another example is where a baby should be delivered via cesarean section and the mother is forced to give natural birth.  The baby then either has to be forcefully pulled out or may have been deprived of oxygen if there is a delay.

Brain injuries following problematic deliveries may present in various ways ranging from developmental delays to severe disability such as cerebral palsy.  Not all disabilities can be prevented or are due to negligence, but if you have reason to suspect that something went wrong with your pregnancy care or delivery, you can contact us to help you consider your options.

Medical Negligence

We assist clients from all over South Africa and manage claims in all provincial jurisdictions. If you think you may have a claim and would like some advice, contact us at +27 (0)12 809 1588 or via our contact us request form

Morné’s Story

Morné was born prematurely at 27 weeks and weighed 1,1 kg. Despite his premature birth and low birth weight, he was a little fighter and needed only oxygen and care in an incubator.

Medical Negligence Law and Personal Injury Specialists.

We have had exceptional results in negligence cases involving permanent disability or brain damage.

Areas of specialization:

  • Birth Injuries and Brain damage
  • Medical Negligence
  • Personal Injuries
  • Retinopathy of Prematurity


Brain damage and partial blindness– numerous settlements including a

R65 million settlement for twins

Leg Amputation– R19 million

Loss of Support –R4.5 million

Cerebral Palsy – R19 million

Blindness– R23 million

Arm injury and Mild Concussion – R4.5 million