Common Examples of Medical Negligence

Medical negligence is a concern for many people all over South Africa, and in all cases where it occurs, the victim has the right to be compensated for their losses or difficulties. Claims don’t always happen however, and this can be attributed to a lack of understanding of what actually constitutes as medical negligence, leaving those victims in difficult positions where they are no longer able to earn an income, support a family or live with an acceptable quality of life. If you feel that you have been the victim of medical negligence and are looking for legal aid, then here are some of the most common examples of malpractice that you can use to paint a clearer picture for yourself.

Misdiagnosis Leading to Damages

Misdiagnoses of patients with severe illnesses is one of the most common forms of medical negligence, and it can have fairly dire consequences for the victim. The wrong diagnosis, or a correct one that comes too late means that the victim will either receive the improper treatment, or it will come too late, leading to further difficulties down the line in most cases.

Negligence Relating to Childbirth and Prenatal Care

Mistakes made in the early stages of child development can result in dire consequences for them throughout their lives. These types of injuries may include brain, bone, nerve and control limb injuries, all of which will lower the quality of an infant’s life, right through to adulthood. Furthermore, this might put strain on the lives and finances of their parents. Prenatal injuries may also affect the mother, leading to further illnesses or even death, and generally occur when doctors fail to notice medical conditions that may affect her pregnancy.

Mistakes During Surgery

Surgeons may make mistakes on the operating table, and when they do, it constitutes as negligence whenever a complication can be found to have been reasonably avoided, but wasn’t. This could include issues during the operation (such as incorrect procedures or surgical tools being left in the body), or could even surface as post-operational complications, such as not taking the appropriate care to avoid infections.

Errors Relating to Anaesthesia

These types of errors can have the most dire consequences, and as such are regarded as one of the most serious types of medical negligence. They can lead to permanent brain damage and in extreme cases, even death. They generally occur as the result of not having the patient’s medical history checked thoroughly enough, not informing them of the possible risks or administering the incorrect dosage.

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In each of the above scenarios there is a strong case for medical negligence, and in each case the victim or those affected by mistakes, have the right to be compensated for damages or loss. If you are looking for a team of attorneys and legal services in Pretoria that can assist you with getting justice for medical negligence, contact a representative from Paul du Plessis Attorneys today, or visit our website for details.

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