If you have recently been the victim of an unlawful action, attorneys in South Africa will advise you to make a claim. A claim is necessary if the events of the unlawful action caused you harm of some kind, and you feel you should be compensated for your harm or loss. You can make a claim for medical expenses, general damages, loss of income, or death. These claims should first be discussed with your attorney who will conduct a thorough investigation of the situation to assess what is valid and how much to claim for.

Attorneys in South Africa will help you with your claim

There are certain procedures to follow when making a claim. After you have discussed the claim with your attorney and they have conducted their investigation, there is certain period of time to official make the claim. A summons setting out your claim against the wrongdoer must be delivered to the wrongdoer within 3 years of the date of which the wrongful event occurred. If this time period is exceeded, your claim will lapse and cannot be considered.

There are exceptions to this time constraint if the claim is made on behalf of a child or the mentally handicapped. Claims relating to children must be made within 3 years of the incident, unless the child is nearing 19 years of age. After they turn 19, they are considered an adult and the claim will be invalid, so it must be made before their nineteenth birthday.

A claim made on behalf of the mentally handicapped, or anyone who is considered incapable of managing their own affairs, has no time constraints and the claim will not fall away.

Attorneys can help you make a claim

If you do not already have a legal advisor, Paul du Plessis Attorneys are the ideal choice. They are thorough, consistent and honest, and will guide you through any legal situation you find yourself in. They are experienced practitioners of the law and will assist with any claims you wish to make to your satisfaction.

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