Work-Related Personal Injury Claims

Every day we face the risk of getting hurt, whether we are at our jobs, at home or in the shops. The risk is ever present and sometimes the possibility of injury is our own fault, and other times the fault lies with another party. No matter what occupation we hold, there is the possibility of sustaining an injury, even though some occupations do hold more risk to our health than others. The truth of the matter is that our employers have the responsibility to create a safe working environment for us by supplying the right safety measures, equipment, and training.

Work Is Your Livelihood

The whole reason that we have jobs and find careers is essentially so we can afford to live and feed our families. Our families depend on our monthly income to help us live as we do, it helps us feed our family, clothe our children and put them through school. Many families will suffer if their households become single incomehouseholds. What is a person supposed to do if they are no longer able to continue with their careers and they are not skilled in any other field? The reality is that many people will not be able to use their skills in a different environment, resulting in them making a much lesser salary every month.

Work-Related Claims

If you have experienced any injury, illness or death due to work-related incidents, you will be able to claim for this. You are able to claim if you can, firstly, prove your claim. You are only able to claim if:

  • You sustained the injured or contracted the disease while working (permanent or casual), receiving training or completing an apprenticeship for a company.
  • Your family member passed away while working.
  • You work in a boarding house as a domestic worker.
  • You are a farm apprentice or trainee.
  • You are an agency labourer, who is getting paid.

It is important to know that your claim will only be successful if it is completed correctly and submitted on time.

Paul Du Plessis Attorneys

To ensure that you are able to claim for any work-related injuries or death, you will need excellent legal counsel. Be sure to contact Paul Du Plessis Attorneys for excellent legal assistance and representation when proceeding with work-related injury claims.



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