Why You Should Open A Case Of Medical Negligence

Do you believe that you are a victim of medical negligence? Medical negligence includes injury, damage, loss or suffering caused by deliberate or irresponsible actions of a medical practitioner during a medical treatment. This covers any instances where the standard of medical care from your doctors, nurses or other medical staff is deficient or lacking. A subpar standard of care could constitute medical negligence in many forms. It can be misdiagnoses, a botched operation, harmful medical treatment or secondary ailments acquired from reduced safety precautions during a medical treatment. Medical negligence can occur in private medical practices, free healthcare clinics and national hospitals alike, at the hands of any medical professional. Even the most seasoned doctor is susceptible to negligent mistakes in the wrong conditions.

How will opening a case of medical negligence help?

There are two leading reasons to open a case against a medical practitioner who was negligent in their care. Firstly, more awareness and accountability is generated in cases like these. This puts pressure on medical governance to ensure such cases can be avoided in the future. Secondly, if you suffered from medical negligence, a claim can assist you with the aftermath. You can claim compensation for the physical, emotional and financial stress caused by the negligent medical act. Compensation can cover your medical expenses, both negligent treatment and any subsequent treatment needed for correcting the negligence and recovery. Compensation can also cover the expenses for additional treatment, therapy or equipment to assist the effects the negligence may have caused. You can also claim for loss of income if the negligence caused you to be temporarily or permanently unable to work. Furthermore, general damage claims can be made to compensate for the trauma, pain and suffering due to the medical negligence.

Speak to the experts for assistance with a medical negligence claim

At Paul du Plessis Attorneys, we are invested in helping you get back on track after a negligent medical treatment. We work on a no win – no fee basis, and will investigate your case free of charge to ease the financial strain of your situation. Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys, the specialists in medical negligence claims.

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