Why Consent Matters

In today’s world of social discord and social progression we are all learning a little bit more about what it means to give our consent to people for them to do certain things. We have to give our full consent to engage in physical contact or any form of sexual relations. We have to give our consent to be featured on film such as movies, ads, photography, we are even giving our consent to the certain kinds of information that we allow social media platforms and websites collect about us. This all applies to our medical treatments too.
Medical Consent
When we need medical attention we place our trust into the medical practitioners that are treating us, we trust them to identify what is wrong with us, we trust them to know how to treat us, as we trust them to tell us what is wrong and remain honest with us. We trust them to know the best course of treatment for us, and we trust them to complete it well. When we place our trust in them, we are expecting them to have an open line of communication with us and to keep us up-to-date with our health. When the medical practitioner informs us of certain things, they need our consent to continue our treatment.
What Happens In the Case of Misinformed Consent
Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world where we get the information we need or the best treatment. The reality is that we do not get the best services 100% of the time. This means that we do not always know what we are giving our consent to, we have not given our consent to certain treatments, or we were misinformed about side-effects or recovery, risks or other life changing repercussions. If you are suffering from the event of misinformed consent or lack thereof, there are routes to take to help rebuild your life.
Paul Du Plessis Attorneys
If you have suffered due to medical misinformation and consent, then visit Paul Du Plessis Attorneys. They specialise in cases of medical informed consent and medical negligence cases.

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