Why hire attorneys in South Africa after a vehicle accident? After all, this country has a Road Accident Fund to cover liability costs.  The RAF covers all who use South African roads against injuries or death from vehicle accidents. It indemnifies the driver at fault and provides insurance to victims and their families for personal injury or death. The administrators disperse those funds according to degree of fault assigned to each driver. It does not cover damage to vehicles or their contents and nearby buildings are excluded from coverage as well. The RAF is funded largely by the fuel levy administered on all fuel purchased in South Africa.

What if the RAF Does Not Adequately Cover My Losses?

Many victims and their families consult with personal injury attorneys in South Africa after an accident. There is always a chance additional health issues related to the accident could develop down the road. A personal injury attorney will review your case and advise if you are entitled to compensation.  If you die in an accident will the RAF fund pay off your bond and pay for your kids’ university education? Will your spouse suffer financial hardship because the RAF decided you were not entitled to a large enough percentage? If you are disabled in a car accident you may never be able to work again and you may live in pain. That might be worth more than the RAF is willing to pay out.

Let Attorneys in South Africa Calculate Your Claim Value

There is no charge for consulting with a personal injury attorney. He or she will review your claim carefully and determine validity based on their experience and knowledge. Personal injury lawsuits are complex so you need to choose a firm such as Paul du Plessis Attorneys whose speciality is personal injury law. Paul du Plessis Attorneys will go item by item to calculate the value of your claim, including lost wages, disabilities, medical expenses, pain, suffering and more. If you choose to proceed with the lawsuit that amount will be the one targeted as compensation. You will not need to pay the expenses for the lawsuit or attorney’s fees. That is also included when calculating the value of your claim. It all gets paid when a settlement agreement is reached. Do not settle for less than you deserve. Consult with attorneys in South Africa if you are involved in a vehicle accident.  

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