Did you know that you can claim from the Road Accident Fund? South Africa’s Road Accident Fund, or RAF, is a form of public insurance cover that is available to any South African citizen. It was put in place to ensure that a road accident victim could receive compensation for their losses and injuries, even if the driver responsible for the accident is unable to cover that compensation.

Who can claim from the road accident fund?

If you have recently been in a road accident, you are able to claim from the Road Accident Fund. This covers all roads anywhere in South Africa, whether your accident occurred on a small one-way street or on the highway. You can claim from the RAF even if you weren’t one of the drivers involved – passengers and pedestrians involved in the accident can also claim. You can also claim if you were not involved in the accident and you lost income or support from a family member who was in the accident. Anyone of any age can claim as well, even minors. You are not able to claim from the Road Accident Fund if you were solely responsible for the road accident. However, if you were partially responsible, you can still claim for a reduced pay-out. The RAF is designed to be accessible and feasible to all South Africans.

How can you claim from the road accident fund?

Claim forms can be found on the South African Road Accident Fund website, which you can download, fill in and submit. While it is not required to have a legal representative present for the signing of the form, we strongly suggest making use of a professional legal consultant during this time. An attorney can help you with any advice and guidance relating to the legal and logistical matters, including what you claim for and how to present your case in the best light possible. With Paul du Plessis Attorneys, you can also expect compassion and support during what can be a turbulent and challenging time. We are experienced legal professionals with many years of successful legal cases to our name, and we offer a comprehensive, reliable and affordable legal service. Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys today for legal assistance regarding road accident claims and related matters.

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