What’s The Difference Between A Good Lawyer And A Great Lawyer?

When you have to settle a legal dispute, you want the best attorneys available. Of course, the best in the business often come at a price – literally. Most people prefer to find a compromise between legal fees and reputability, while others still will aim for the lowest price tier and suffer the consequences of sub-par legal services. The good news is that you don’t have to aim low the next time you need an attorney; Paul du Plessis Attorneys are experienced professionals who deliver top-rate services at affordable rates. They understand that the situation leading you to find an attorney is probably already a drain on your expenses, and they try to assist in lessening your financial stress. Your initial consultation and investigations into your case will be done for free. They also work on a no-win, no-fee contingency basis, which means that an unsuccessful case will not leave you further in debt.

Affordability isn’t everything; the best rates should come with the best service

The best attorneys offer a rounded, fully comprehensive package. From the dedication to the professionalism, from the fees to the success rates, you want an attorney who can deliver. Paul du Plessis’s small team of expert attorneys have many years of experience and an outstanding record of successful cases. They are specialised in areas such as personal injury claims, Road Accident Fund claims and medical negligence claims. Paul du Plessis himself has dedicated his career to helping children with severe birth-related injuries get the legal support and compensation they need. They are well-recognised in the medico-legal field and work with some of South Africa’s finest medical consultants to ensure that every case is thoroughly and unfailingly covered.

Approachable, compassionate and understanding attorneys in South Africa

When you think of a lawyer, do you imagine a stern, cold, unapproachable person? Paul du Plessis Attorneys are friendly and approachable, delivering a professional yet compassionate service. They strive to achieve maximum compensation for your grievances and losses, but also provide a personalised approach that offers support and understanding to help get your life back on track as swiftly and easily as possible after a personal injury. Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys for legal services that make the distinction between “good” and “great”.

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