South Africans seeking legal assistance from the best attorneys in Pretoria all have similar concerns, apart from settling their disputes or claims. What they want to know is how much it’s all going to cost them. It is also common knowledge that legal fees in general are expensive, so this universal concern is valid and understandable. Fortunately, Paul du Plessis Attorneys can provide new clients with a coherent and professional response, based on over twenty years of legal experience dealing specifically in personal injury and accident claims.

An Empathetic Approach

Before we expand on that reassuring news by outlining the process that will be followed and the costs involved, here’s another reassuring note. Paul du Plessis and his attorneys in Pretoria, as people and parents, understand the human emotions and trauma involved during the painful process of settling a claim which has caused loss and suffering.

Paul du Plessis and His Attorneys in Pretoria

They have twenty years of experience and an impeccable track record of successful claim settlements. Owing to client confidentiality, they aren’t able to reveal the exact details of any particular case but can provide you with a general overview of some of their results. Take a look at these significant highlights in the meantime:

  • Brain damage – claim settlement of around ten million rand
  • Blindness – a number of claim settlements between nine and eleven million rand
  • Leg amputation – claim settlement of over four million rand

The No Win – No Fee Policy

Paul du Plessis Attorneys’ No win – No fee policy is based on the contingency fee principle. In this case, they draw up a fair and easy to understand Contingency Fees Agreement. When the case is officially open, you, as claimant, are only liable for the service-based contingency fee.

Services include investigation and medical assessments while the attorneys will also finance travel and accommodation arrangements and expenses, when required. Fortunately, no fees will be charged to you if the attorneys in Pretoria decide that the case cannot be pursued after the conclusion of their preliminary investigations.

The Contingency Fee Principle

The contingency fee principle is universally applied in most personal injury cases. The caveat is that it allows injured parties to hire experienced and professional lawyers without having to bear the burden of the costs of the legal and investigative process. Once you have been awarded a settlement, fees can be deducted from the settlement award.

Let Paul du Plessis Attorneys, dependable attorneys in Pretoria, explain further how this principle is applied by them. They will provide you with details on their fee structure and, should a case be made, the Contingency Fees Agreement will be explained in full as well.

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