The South African Road Accident Fund is probably not the first thing that crosses your mind immediately following a motor accident. You may be injured and all you are thinking about is the pain. You could be panicking about whether your passengers are injured, or if there was anyone else involved. Your vehicle could be a total wreck and your first thought is how to replace it. The best thing to do in any accident, whether you are injured or not, is to remain calm and try to assess the situation.

The first steps to take immediately after an accident

Check yourself for injuries. If you can, remove yourself from harm’s way; for example, if you are in the middle of the road with incoming traffic, or if petrol is leaking and poses a fire risk. Do a headcount to make sure all your passengers are also safe and accounted for. Also check for anyone else involved – was there another driver? Were there any pedestrians or cyclists? You will need to contact emergency services if there are any injuries or if the accident is endangering others.

Once everyone is out of immediate danger, you can take further action. If you believe the accident was caused by negligence, you should record as many details as possible. This includes the licence plates and details of all the vehicles involved, as well as the other driver’s name and contact details. It is recommended that you take photographs of the scene, including damages caused to your person, passengers and vehicle.

You will then need to report the accident to the police within 48 hours. All of this will ensure you have comprehensive evidence for a legal claim or insurance claims.

Claiming against the South African Road Accident Fund

The trauma and physical effects of a car accident can last a long time. Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys to help file a claim against the South African Road Accident Fund to receive compensation for your losses. The RAF is in place to assist with road accident losses, and we at Paul du Plessis are available to help rebuild your life after such an experience.

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