Attorneys in South Africa can assist if your child has Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP).  Put in simple language, ROP is damage to the retina that is suffered by babies that are born prematurely.  ROP, if not treated properly, can result in permanent blindness.

Medical science has identified that oxygen is a predominant factor in causing ROP and babies that are born prematurely are susceptible to blindness occurring. The oxygen saturation of the blood needs to be carefully monitored in the premature baby.  There is an internationally accepted regimen to be followed with premature children and South African Department of Health has adopted this policy.  If babies are born before 33 weeks or weigh less than 1500g they must be referred and examined by an ophthalmologist to enable timely treatment.  With timely treatment, blindness can be avoided.  Put another way, ROP is an avoidable cause of blindness when health workers follow the correct care procedures.

What if your child is blinded by ROP?

In South Africa attorneys can assist if your child is blinded by ROP.  Paul du Plessis Attorneys specialise in ROP cases.  Paul du Plessis has extensively researched the role medical negligence plays in ROP causing blindness and has access to leading specialists in this regard.  If you suspect medical negligence has a role to play in your child developing blindness, Paul du Plessis can properly investigate your claim.  He will refer your case to a panel of leading paediatricians and ophthalmologists and they will assess if you have a viable claim.  Paul du Plessis will take on your case on a no win no fee basis if your claim is viable.

Get help quickly!

If your child has lost their sight through ROP, you should contact Paul du Plessis as soon as possible.  Your medical and hospital records will be needed for your claim so you do not want to wait too long before you request these.  If your child’s injury is a result of medical negligence you will be able to claim damages. Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys today.  Using this leading firm of attorneys in South Africa will help you achieve a successful claim.

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