Paul Du Plessis Attorneys in South Africa specialise in medical negligence law. Within that speciality is the additional speciality of birth injury resulting from medical negligence.  Medical malpractice occurs when incompetent medical treatment results in injury to the patient.  

It is important to know what constitutes medical negligence. You are entitled to a reasonable level of care from the medical profession. You should also know what recourse you have when sub-standard medical care results in injury or death.  Expert testimony is often the most crucial factor when determining medical negligence.  Paul Du Plessis attorneys have highly respected and qualified medical experts to call upon for testimony in medical negligence cases.

Diagnosis, Treatment and Informed Consent.

Attorneys in South Africa such as Paul Du Plessis find there are a variety of situations that can lead to medical negligence. However, most situations will fall under one of three categories.  

  1. A doctor misdiagnoses a patient resulting in ineffective or dangerous treatment. The patient suffers harm because of the misdiagnosis. If, given the exact same set of circumstances, other doctors diagnosed correctly, that patient may have a medical negligence claim.
  2. On the other hand, the doctor may diagnose the patient correctly but implements a treatment plan that is ineffective or harmful. No other doctor would choose that treatment. That situation could be medical negligence as well as using the right treatment the wrong way.  
  3. When a doctor fails to inform a patient of all known risks or side effects associated with their treatment, he or she may be liable for any injuries suffered by the patient.

Validate Your Claim

Paul Du Plessis Attorneys are leaders in the medical negligence field of law. This South African firm is highly regarded by peers and clients. Medical negligence claims require careful and thorough research. Experts in the medico-legal field must assess all claims to determine if medical negligence caused the patient harm. Most medical professionals provide excellent care to their patients. Those who do not and cause harm resulting in life altering injuries deserve to have their negligence revealed. Their patient deserves compensation. Paul Du Plessis Attorneys in South Africa have a record of success representing the victims of medical negligence.

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