Paul Du Plessis attorneys in Pretoria have a specialised understanding of birth injuries. Birth injuries are a result of damage to organs and tissues during the birthing process. Unfortunately, such injuries can have life-long consequences for the family and the infant.

Injuries during childbirth may result from physical pressure due to the position of the child in the birth canal. Babies can get themselves into complicated positions within the womb resulting in injuries to their body and brain during birth. These injuries are sometimes preventable with skilled medical care before, during and after birth. Tragically, birth injuries sometimes result from the negligence of trusted medical providers, although it is a tiny percentage.  

Mysteries Are Revealed Through Modern Medical Technology

Attorneys in Pretoria have a large pool of respected South African medical experts to draw from when investigating and presenting evidence of medical negligence. Medical technology itself has given us a window on the womb.

There should be few surprises during a birth. Imaging shows the position of the baby and the expected ease of delivery. Testing throughout pregnancy and immediately after delivery indicate preventative measures that may be needed. Most dangers associated with birth are anticipated and preparations in place before delivery. When diligently followed, the paediatric standards of care that are in place reduces the risk of birth injury.

Attorneys in Pretoria on a Mission

The mission of Paul Du Plessis attorneys is to expose the tragedies caused by negligent medical professionals. Because of Paul’s special interest in birth injuries, he has done extensive research in this area of personal injury law. His experience in birth injury cases have resulted in the removal of those responsible from the medical field. In doing so, families represented by him have been substantially compensated for their pain and suffering. They also receive relief from the huge financial burdens associated with immediate and long-term care for the injured child.

The medical records of treatment during and after pregnancy is critical to proving negligence. Blindness, cerebral palsy, brain injury and more may be the result of a preventable birth injury.  If the proof is there, Paul Du Plessis, Attorneys in Pretoria will find it.

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