Imagine yourself expecting to regain the use of your hand after a surgical procedure only to discover medical negligence has robbed you of all use of that hand. Let’s imagine Betty, who was looking forward to driving again and enjoying needlework. Like Betty, you would have been looking forward to finally being free from the pain of damaged tendons.

What if after six months of healing time and physical therapy, your hand is no better than before your surgery? As the patient, you have to trust the surgeon before you can agree to surgery. When the operation goes wrong, you, the patient, experience physical and emotional devastation.

A Natural Reaction

If this happened to you, you would feel as Betty does. She is still in pain and unable to grip with her hand. She is also emotionally distraught, as she deals with feelings of betrayal, anger, disappointment, depression, helplessness and financial insecurity.

Family and friends recommend Betty file a medical negligence lawsuit against the surgeon. After all, the operation did not work and she lost wages. If it were you, would you just walk away and forget about it?

What to Expect From the Medical Negligence Review

You may feel that filing a medical negligence lawsuit would be like you playing David to the Goliath that is the medical profession. Do not be intimidated because you may be entitled to compensation. Someone like Betty would have had reasonable expectations based on diagnoses and prescribed treatment. Now she would seek experienced legal assistance to evaluate her legal claim.

If you think you might have a medical negligent case, take the first steps to find out.

  • Contact an experienced legal professional with a record of success.
  • Prepare a detailed account of events leading up to, during and following your surgical procedure.
  • Your lawyer will secure all of your treatment records from physicians, surgeons, and hospitals.
  • Expert medical professionals will review your experience and compare the treatment you received with the expected standard.

Paying the Attorney to Represent You

You may wonder how you are to pay an attorney when you already have missed so much work and have medical bills. Paul du Plessis Attorneys have a record of success in medical negligent legal cases. They ask for no money from you.

  • They will investigate your claim at their own expense. If, after their investigation they decide your claim does not have sufficient merit to proceed, you owe them nothing.
  • If, they agree you do have a viable claim, they will pursue the lawsuit at no cost to you. If the claim is denied, you owe them nothing.
  • When Paul de Plessis Attorneys have reached a successful settlement on your behalf, they will receive a percentage of the proceeds.

Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys in Pretoria on 012 809 1588.

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