What Happens If Several Drivers Are At Fault?

Have you ever been in a motor vehicle accident where you’ve gotten into an argument about who exactly caused it? When it comes to road accidents, it may have been more than one single person’s fault. It can be an obvious case where both drivers were driving under the influence of alcohol, and therefore were equally to blame, or it could be a little trickier to determine who did what. It could be the case that you were not observing a rule of the road, such as checking for oncoming traffic before making a turn, when a speeding driver appeared out of nowhere and crashed into your vehicle. Who was to blame, since you were both breaking the law? If it is decided that more than one driver was responsible for the crash, you may both still claim from the RAF.

Apportionment of blame when several drivers are at fault

In legal matters where more than one person is at fault, an apportionment of blame is calculated. The RAF will analyse your case and determine what percentage damage was caused by each person responsible for the accident. For example, if you were in an accident that was caused by another driver, but you were not wearing a seatbelt and this contributed to the severity of your injuries, or your vehicle was damaged or not roadworthy before the accident, you will probably be appointed a percentage of the blame. This division is based on professional analysis of the accident and is designed to be fair to all parties. In cases where there is an apportionment of blame, your RAF pay-out may be reduced.

Attorneys who can assist with RAF claims

If you were partially at fault in a recent road accident and want to claim against the RAF, why not speak to an attorney? We can offer advice on whether your claim will still be considered or offer an agreeable pay-out even after the appointment of blame deductions. With years of successful RAF cases, we are more than competent at giving your case the professional attention that can make the process easier. Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys for RAF claims today.


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