A Road Accident Fund claim could assist you to pay for the treatment you need following a serious road accident.  A road accident is a traumatic event.  In the vast majority of instances an accident is unexpected and you have not had time to prepare for it.  It takes you unawares and it happens beyond your control.  It can leave you shaken and in shock.  Once the initial shock wears off you may still be left with physical, emotional and mental side effects.

It is important to get the help you need after an accident.  It is customary for most people to address the physical injuries they sustain.  The mental and emotional impact of the accident also needs to be taken care of.  Depression, sadness, anxiety, fear, anger, and denial are some of the emotions you may be experiencing.  If you have sustained serious injuries in the vehicle accident, you could claim compensation from the Fund.

How can you claim from the Road Accident Fund?

If you think you have a claim with the Road Accident Fund, you should seek legal assistance.  Choose lawyers that specialise in this type of legal work.   The Road Accident Fund investigates claims very thoroughly.  They make sure that a claim is eligible and meets the requirements of the fund. They are vigilant against fraudulent claims and make sure that the claim is valid and appropriate for the injuries sustained.

A law firm that works closely with the Road Accident Fund will be able to tell you upfront if you have a chance of a successful claim.  Paul du Plessis Attorneys have an impressive track record when it comes to successful claims.  They have achieved significant and appropriate settlements for many clients.  Paul du Plessis Attorneys will assist you.

What should you do if you have been in an accident?

Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys today if you have been in an accident.  They will advise you if you have a claim against the Fund and will guide you in the process.  Discuss all of your injuries with Paul du Plessis Attorneys so that you can claim an appropriate amount from the Road Accident Fund.

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