The South African Road Accident Fund exists to ensure that your injuries and losses are compensated when you have been in a serious motor vehicle accident. If a negligent driver caused a road accident where you or a loved one suffered injuries or passed away, you can claim against the Road Accident Fund. The Road Accident Fund is a form of compulsory social insurance available to any member of the public who have suffered a loss arising from a car accident on South African roads. Every time you buy petrol, a percentage of the cost per litre goes towards the Road Accident Fund, which allows victims of car accidents to claim for compensation for their losses.

General damage and personal injury cover

You can claim for personal injury or general damages if you have suffered a serious injury in a road accident. In terms of the Road Accident Fund, a serious injury is defined as an injury resulting in full body impairment of at least 30 percent. A personal injury claim can cover general damage, medical expenses and loss of income. General damages compensation is a lump sum intended to compensate for the pain, loss, discomfort and trauma caused by the accident. Medical expenses claims will cover firstly the immediate emergency treatment of the injuries sustained from the accident, and secondly the expenses of future medical care such as follow-up treatments, recovery and rehabilitation. Loss of income claims cover the income lost from the time you are unable to work during your recovery from the accident, as well as the loss of future income if your injuries have caused you to work less hours or a different job.

Death and loss of support cover

If you have lost a loved one in a road accident, you can claim for general damages for the trauma of your loss. If the deceased was an income-generating member of your household, you are also eligible to claim for loss of support. If you have suffered any of the above losses and damages, Paul du Plessis Attorneys provide comprehensive legal support and can assist with your Road Accident Fund claims.

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