What Documents Do You Need For A RAF Claim?

Here in South Africa, we take care of all our road users. That’s why we have the Road Accident Fund. It’s a form of public insurance that covers the expenses of anyone injured by a negligent driver. Part of the fund comes from a tax on fuel prices, and anyone can make a claim. However, it’s challenging to make a claim on your own, and you will likely need the help of a lawyer. Paul du Plessis Attorneys have 18 years of experience pursuing all kinds of claims, including RAF. We recognise that following up these claims can be expensive, so we apply a ‘no win, no contingency fees’ principle. This means you don’t have to pay us unless we win your case. We will pay any charges that arise in the process of your case, and we won’t recoup them unless the judgement goes in your favour.

Areas that you can claim under RAF

The effects of road accidents are classified into various categories, and your claim can fall under multiple clusters. It is likely that you will spend some time in hospital, and this will affect your ability to earn a living. Your accident might also affect the way you live your life, and how you perform your daily activities. Some of the areas covered by your RAF claim include lost time, compromised income, lifestyle change, medical expenses, and death claims. Legally, you cannot claim any benefits from the driver that caused the accident, but the RAF will help you get back on your feet because we understand your predicament.

Necessary documents for RAF claims

As part of your claim procedure, your attorney will need access to certain legal documents. These papers will be lodged with the court to facilitate your compensation. There are two main categories of claimants: accident victims and relatives of deceased victims. To make a claim, you need the date and time of the accident, relevant accident details, witness statements, police reports, medical records and affidavits. With all the documents in order, Paul du Plessis Attorneys will handle your RAF claim smoothly. Give us a call for more information on Road Accident Fund claims.

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