If you have been a victim of medical negligence, attorneys in South Africa can help.  The test to establish if there has been medical negligence is quite simple. Would another doctor, when placed in the same circumstances as the doctor who made the mistake, have done the same thing?  Would they have diagnosed in the same way?  Would they have treated in the same way?  Is the action that the original doctor took reasonable when compared to what another doctor might have done?

It was medical negligence, now what?

Attorneys in South Africa can help establish if there was medical negligence, and if a claim has merit.  If this can be established, it is then time to quantify the claim.  It is easy to underestimate what the claim should be for a case of medical negligence.  A lay person could perhaps only consider the immediate medical bills that are incurred as a result of the negligence.  Perhaps they would include some future medical expenses if it is obvious that medical care is going to be needed.  

Will they take into account what that medical care may cost 10 years from now? Will they consider the costs of disability – special aids that may be required for mobility or independence?  Will changes that need to be made in the home or the workplace be taken into account?  A lifetime of disability can mean a loss of future income.  An injury can mean life long pain and suffering.  

How can attorneys in South Africa help?

If this is the reality you are facing, help is at hand.  Paul du Plessis Attorneys are specialists when it comes to medical negligence claims.  They know how difficult it can be to rebuild your life if you have suffered injury as a result of medical negligence. They will make sure that your claim is accurately quantified.  They will engage the right specialists to make sure that your future needs are taken into account.  Medical expenses, loss of income, general damages and death claims should all be quantified for a medical negligence claim.  Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys in South Africa today for help with your claim.

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