Paul du Plessis Attorneys in South Africa have dedicated their time to helping with claims regarding children who have suffered severe injuries, specialising in birth injuries and the care of babies and children. They have seen many exceptional results on behalf of children who have lost their sight and suffered brain damage through medical negligence. Babies born prematurely need special care and attention, and when the care they receive is less than top quality, they may suffer brain damage and resulting disabilities.

What causes brain damage in premature babies?

Premature babies almost always need assisted breathing through incubators or mechanical ventilation machines while their bodies and lungs continue developing. Monitoring and regulating their supply of oxygen is vital, as even small irregularities can cause damage to the white matter of their brains. This type of brain damage is called periventricular leukomalacia, and can be caused by low pressures of carbon dioxide in the blood (hypocarbia), not enough oxygen in the blood (hypoxia) or reduced blood supply to the brain, heart or body tissue (ischaemia). White matter brain damage has severe consequences, and premature babies are fragile and at high risk during their incubation period. Nurses and pediatricians are specially trained to the highest standards in order to care for premature babies and reduce these risks.

What if your premature baby’s brain damage was due to negligence?

If your premature baby is diagnosed with a form of brain damage, the cause may lie in the treatment they received in the incubator. The levels of carbon dioxide or oxygen may have dropped for too long before being corrected, or the equipment may have been faulty and given incorrect readings, for example. If you are worried that this may have been the case with your child, Paul du Plessis will personally provide a comprehensive assessment of the case at no cost.

By consulting with medical experts and analysing medical records, he will uncover any signs of medical negligence to be found and provide legal aid second to none. Living with a disability is tough, but with the help of Paul du Plessis Attorneys in South Africa, your child can enjoy a life of comfort and potential.

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