Were You Prescribed The Wrong Medication?

Have you ever felt worse, instead of better, after taking new medication for a health complaint? There are several ways in which you could have received the wrong medication. Firstly, your condition may have been misdiagnosed or not examined fully by your doctor, who then prescribed medication that didn’t correspond with your condition. Secondly, the nurse or staff member at the pharmacy may have incorrectly labelled or packaged your medication. Perhaps the medication you received was correct, but the treatment of the medication was not made clear to you and thus you have been taking the wrong dosage, for example. Whether through accidental oversight or negligence, medical professionals can mistakenly prescribe the wrong medication. What should you do if this happens to you?

Speak to your lawyer about medical negligence

Medical negligence occurs when doctors, nurses or other healthcare or medical practitioners are negligent or careless in their duty. Prescribing incorrect medication, even by accident, is a form of medical negligence. Such negligence could lead to severe consequences. Not only will you not have the correct medication to treat your illness, but the wrong medication could exacerbate the illness or cause negative side effects. Certain medications can react harmfully with other treatments you are receiving, and your health could be affected permanently. If the wrongly-prescribed medication does not worsen your illness, it will still prolong it as it is ineffective treatment. If this happened to you, or to someone in your family, you can claim for compensation. Medication can be expensive, and nobody can afford to pay for medication that they aren’t even meant to be taking. You can claim compensation for all the medical expenses incurred. This includes the cost of the medication, as well as the costs of further medication or treatment to counter the effects of the wrongly-prescribed medication.

Medical negligence claims are rewarding with Paul du Plessis Attorneys

At Paul du Plessis Attorneys we are experts in the medico-legal field, with many years of successful medical negligence claims behind our name. When you claim for medical negligence you can also claim for loss of income if your illness prevented you from earning an income, for example. for advice or assistance with your medical negligence claim, contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys today.

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