Was Your Child Hurt At School? Get Professional Advice On What To Do

Was your child hurt at school? Get professional advice on what to do from lawyers experienced in personal injury claims. Personal injury claims cover all incidents where a person has been injured by a negligent or intentional act of another. In the event that your child is injured, reach out to an experienced lawyer if you suspect it was at the hands of another.

What can be claimed if your child is injured at school?

Are you unsure about what can be claimed if your child was hurt at school? Get professional advice on what to do and what can be claimed. Claims relating to injury of children have to be made within 3 years of the incident, or before the child’s 19th birthday. As a parent, you can claim for past medical expenses, future medical expenses (based on the opinions of experts), and in instances where the injury has resulted in disability that requires changes to the child’s living environment (for example – ramps for a wheelchair, etc), these costs too can be claimed from the liable party. If your child suffered an injury that was not life changing, but was, however, extensive – you can claim a once-off compensation amount for general damages which depends on a number of factors, including the initial injury, the pain experienced at the time of injury, medical treatment received and to be received, temporary disability, permanent disability and permanent changes to lifestyle.

Claim compensation with the help of expert lawyers

Now that you are better informed, you can make the decision to take legal action to claim compensation. We are expert lawyers who have years of experience handling claims for personal injury to children and will take on your case no matter what jurisdiction you fall under. In addition, if the case has merit we will take it on, on a contingency basis. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our work. We understand that any legal process can be stressful, no matter how big or small, and we aim to always handle our clients with the utmost care and compassion. Was your child hurt at school? Get professional advice on what to do by contacting Paul du Plessis Attorneys.


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