Medical negligence law is a specialty area for Paul du Plessis Attorneys in South Africa. Medical malpractice is a very serious offence as it can have terrible repercussions on patients. When you visit the hospital or clinic, you should not be concerned about the capabilities or diligence of the doctor or nurse. Whether your young child is having their tonsils removed or your grandmother is receiving a heart transplant, the last thing on your mind is that the operation could go wrong because of a mistake on the doctor’s part. However, this has been known to happen, and you should be aware of what steps to take if it does.

Are there attorneys to help me claim for medical negligence?

Paul du Plessis Attorneys will assist with any medical negligence claims. After you present the case to them, they will conduct a thorough investigation to assess the situation fully. They will work with highly respected medical experts who can provide a professional assessment of how your medical procedure went wrong. The attorney will also examine the medical records of all the medical professionals involved in the case. Your situation will then be compared to the standard of care expected of a reasonable doctor in the same circumstances. If the medical practitioner in question is found to have erred, your claim will be put forward and they will be held liable for any loss, damage or trauma you experienced.

Attorneys will determine whether the doctor was drunk

If your doctor was under the influence of alcohol or drugs when he was on duty, it is considered gross negligence. He or she is likely to lose their medical license, and will be liable for any harm that comes to the patient under his care. Paul du Plessis Attorneys in South Africa are dedicated to their work, and will make every effort to see that you are compensated for your experience under a drunken doctor’s care. Medical malpractice can ruin lives, but with the help of Paul du Plessis, you can start rebuilding yours.

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