Medical Negligence attorneys in South Africa carefully review a potential clients claim for validity.  A great deal of research, knowledge and experience is necessary when reviewing such claims because they are some of the toughest to prove. Medical negligence is a specialty area within the law and seasoned law firms do not accept frivolous lawsuits. Such lawsuits are expensive for law firms to bring. Most law firms accept medical negligence lawsuits on a contingency basis. Therefore, during the course of a lawsuit the attorneys are spending a lot of money on preparation. They do not get that money back or their fees for their work until and unless a settlement is reached.  If a successful medical negligence firm like Paul Du Plessis Attorneys agrees to pursue your claim, they believe it is winnable. You can trust that you are being well represented.

What Establishes Medical Negligence

In a medical negligence lawsuit, attorneys in South Africa have the burden of proving there were errors of commission or omission during medical treatment. The result of the negligence will fall within one of three categories to be actionable: illness, disability or death. Any of those three may result from, among others, prescribing inappropriate medications, misdiagnoses, or simply neglecting to inform the patients of risks associated with treatment.  Medical errors occur during surgical procedures, physical therapy and during childbirth. In cases of childbirth, it is usually the infant that suffers the illness, disability or death. Medical errors before, during or immediately after birth can cause blindness and brain damage to the infant. However, the whole family suffers and pays a high price emotionally and financially.  

Medical Negligence Attorneys in South Africa Fight Giants.

Powerful insurance companies protect medical professionals against medical malpractice lawsuits. Their attorneys will fight to the bitter end to prove their client is not responsible for your illness, disability or death. Your attorney must prove that under the same set of circumstances most medical professionals would have acted differently and made different choices for your treatment. Before treatment you likely signed a consent form waiving your right to sue the medical practitioner or facility. That will be used against you.  However, “gross negligence” is not protected by that waiver. Your medical negligence attorneys in South Africa fight a hard battle at great expense to win deserved compensation for you, their client.

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