Total shock is a normal reaction at news of a family member having been involved in an accident. Finding that out that the injuries could be as a result of medical negligence can be devastating for the family as it is for the patient.

What to do?

Emotional trauma can leave one helpless and not knowing where to turn next. Paul du Plessis Attorneys are exceptionally knowledgeable in the sphere of medical malpractice and medical law.  They will be happy to schedule an appointment to verify if there is a cause for a medical negligence claim. Peruse their website — they can be contacted online or per telephone.

What can you claim for?

What future medical treatments will be incurred and what will the costs be? Questions will rage through your mind: how will you manage to pay for the necessary alterations to your home – bathroom changes, ramps in place of steps? Will the injured party be able to continue working; what about a car, driving and being independent; and other changes you won’t even begin to imagine? Numerous questions and worries…

Help with Medical Negligence Cases

What must one do first? Chose a firm of attorneys that you can trust rely on and who are experienced in the field of medical negligence and the applicable laws. Paul du Plessis Attorneys fully understand the implications and the change an accident can make to a victim and their family’s lives. They understand that while compensation will never restore life to what it was before the accident, it certainly can ease the hurt, heartache and change in lifestyle sufferers must endure.

Friendly professionals will guide you through the procedure of exploring the outcome of a medical procedure to establish if you have a case against the hospital or medical practitioners. All investigations, examinations, expert opinions and other fees are paid for by Paul du Plessis Attorneys. They have a contingency payment policy: no win – no pay. This is beneficial as it is one less worry for a family to deal with in traumatic circumstances.

A Double Claim?

You will be only too grateful to leave the claims and compensation in the capable hands of the experts. The bonus is that the attorney’s can handle the medical negligence claim as well as any RAF (Road Accident Fund) claim. Should there be compensation from the hospital or medical practitioners it will affect a claim to the RAF.  

Remember, there is help in a situation that leaves you in such total shock that you do not know where to turn. Call Paul du Plessis Attorneys in Pretoria.

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