The South African Road Accident Fund has launched #myroadyourroad, a project that aims to educate and raise awareness for road safety in South Africa. Here are some of our favourite tips and pieces of advice from their project.

Be considerate. Be aware. Be safe.

Have you ever thought about the importance of considerate driving? Being patient and respectful towards fellow road users is an essential aspect of road safety (not to mention road etiquette). You may be late for that important business meeting, or frustrated at the elderly lady who stalled at the traffic lights, but acting on these feelings can lead to accidents.

You should also be considerate when it comes to using disabled parking bays or designated bus stop or offloading bays. Child safety is another important aspect of responsible driving. #myroadyourroad cautions drivers to strap infants into their car seats and make sure minors use their seatbelts. Over 3000 children are killed annually on South African roads. Using cellphones and other devices while driving is a massive safety risk as well.

Raising awareness with #myroadyourroad

The project also stresses the importance of knowing the rules of the road. The RAF is in place for all road users, whether they are motorists, passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists, or pedestrians. Paul du Plessis Attorneys supports this initiative and we offer our expert advice and guidance for those who have been victims of a motor accident or anyone who wishes to learn more about the South African Road Accident Fund. We will help you make your claim and assist with making the process run swiftly and smoothly. Our legal team is experienced in road accident claims as well as personal injury claims.

The South African Road Accident Fund is in place to protect and compensate you after an accident, but every effort is being made to prevent such accidents from happening in the first place with their #myroadyourroad awareness campaign.

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