Attorneys in South Africa can help when road accidents occur.  The statistics for the number of people killed every year on South African roads vary.  They range from 14 000 to 25 000 per year, depending on who you ask.  That is up to 65 people every day!  

The numbers of people that are seriously injured on the roads is even worse.  One source suggests 130 000 drivers, passengers and pedestrians have been injured this year already and 8000 of those were paralysed. Many of them did not contribute to the cause of the accident in any way.  They were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The actions of others had a devastating impact on their lives.  For many the quality of their life is severely and permanently impacted.

How do you access these legal services?

In South Africa, attorneys can assist by instituting a claim against the Road Accident Fund for those injured in road accidents.  A Road Accident claim refers to compensation claimed when serious injury or death occurs as a result of an accident involving a car.  This is when the accident was not caused by the person injured or killed.  

A settlement from the Road Accident Fund is considered final and a claim cannot be reopened once completed.  This means it is very important that the correct amount is claimed at the start.  For this reason it is important to get legal help from the right professionals.

Paul du Plessis Attorneys specialise in road accident and personal injury claims.  They will properly quantify your claim at the outset.  Included in the calculation will be your loss of earnings (past and future), medical expenses (past and future) as a result of the injury, and general damages. Paul du Plessis Attorneys have ensured many claimants receive appropriate settlements so they can rebuild their lives.

Paul du Plessis Attorneys can assist with your Road Accident Fund claim. They manage claims in all jurisdictions in South Africa and can assist you wherever you live in the country. Speak to attorneys in South Africa, Paul du Plessis Attorneys today for more information about a Road Accident Fund claim.  

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