Having the right team of attorneys in Pretoria representing you in a personal injury claim is important because as the injured party, you are placing your trust in their skills.

Personal injury claims can take months or longer before being reaching a conclusion. During that time, you need to feel comfortable in the knowledge that your attorneys are doing everything necessary for a successful result.

6 Tips to Choosing the Right Team of Attorneys in Pretoria

  1. Choose attorneys with a proven record of success with claims such as yours. Perhaps your wife’s uncle is an estate attorney and using his services would certainly save on costs but he is not the one you need for a personal injury claim.
  1. Find a team of attorneys in Pretoria with a large enough support staff. Attorneys are busy working for you and a good support staff means someone will be available to take your calls and keep you updated on progress. They are gifted at expediting all the necessary paperwork.
  1. Research attorneys in Pretoria on the Internet. You will be more comfortable choosing an attorney who has a presence on the Internet. The attorney’s web site will have general informative and educational information as well as a biography of each lawyer. You will find their area of expertise, successes and reviews.
  1. The right team of attorneys in Pretoria will not charge you for an initial consultation. When the consultation is complete, you should feel that you were comfortable and able to convey the needed information easily. Did you feel that the attorney had a clear understanding of your case? If so, it means he or she was listening to what you had to say. You should not feel rushed or intimidated through this first process.
  1. Successful attorneys do not ask for payment for personal injury cases until they have won. After the early free consultation, they will research the merits of your case and tell you if they think you have a claim. If they say you do, no money changes hands until they reach a successful settlement.
  1. Personal injury attorneys are not paid unless they win. When they accept your case, you have proof that they believe in you and your claim. The right team of attorneys in Pretoria will express confidence in their ability to win on your behalf.

Beware of Friends Bearing Business Cards

Your friends and family are no doubt outraged at the injustice you have suffered. They care and they want to help you find attorneys in Pretoria to deal with your situation. It is okay to listen and show appreciation for their need to help. Referrals are helpful but they are not a substitute for doing your own research and getting your own questions answered.

To be represented by the right team, contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys in Pretoria on 012 809 1588 or visit them on the web.

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