To have the assistance of attorneys in Pretoria, such as Paul du Plessis, is reassurance indeed should you be the victim of surgical error. It is unfortunate that even the most routine of surgeries does not always proceed as planned. While it may seem like cold comfort if you are the hapless victim of a surgical error, you do have the right to legal recourse and compensation.

Paul du Plessis Attorneys specialise in medico-legal cases and as such, have many years of experience backed-up by access to top medical experts. The firm ensures a thorough investigation of your claim and effort to secure you the compensation to help you recuperate financially and physically.

Helping Your Attorneys in Pretoria to Help You

Paul du Plessis Attorneys are attorneys in Pretoria, but can assist you anywhere in South Africa when pursuing the best possible outcome in the instance of surgical error. If you do plan to make a negligence claim against the offending surgeons or medical institution involved, you will need to provide as much information as possible about your case.

Information is Powerful

In the instance of a negligence claim, information is power and your attorneys will want to know about:

  • Your medical history and the diagnosis that led to your surgery referral if your referring GP or the chief surgeon duly informed you of all your possible options and the likely outcome of those options, including the potential risks, after-effects and side effects.
  • Based on this knowledge and given the progression of your particular disease or affliction, and likely long-term prognosis if excluding surgery, you signed the consent form required under South African law.
  • Your attorneys will also requisition the relevant medical records of the GP or chief surgeon involved to build a comprehensive picture of the events leading to the surgical error.

Should your medical practitioner or surgeon not have correctly informed you as to the potential risks involved in your surgery or informed you of the alternative treatments available, they can be said to have not done due diligence in your case. On investigating your negligence claim disclosure of this information means, you have a strong case for compensation.

In this instance, Paul du Plessis attorneys in Pretoria will press for past and future expenses. The nature and severity of the surgical error determines the amount that can reasonably claimed. The long-term impact the surgical error has (or can be expected to have) on your quality of life, your ability to earn an income as well as covering any future treatments such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy and the cost of any care givers you may need to employ.

If you are suffering as the result of a surgical error, contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys today.

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