It is important not to panic after a road accident. Road accidents can be very traumatic and painful, but there are certain steps you can take to make the aftermath more manageable. The very first thing to do is make sure you and others are safe. This means checking for injuries and moving to the side of the road out of any oncoming traffic. If anyone is injured, phone for an ambulance or emergency medical service. Once everyone is in a position of safety, you need to assess the situation.

Assess the situation after a road accident

Carefully take notice of all the details of the road accident. Consider who was possibly at fault – was there an illegal driving action or an obstruction on the road that causes your accident, for example? Take note of the damages to the vehicles involved as well, and take photographs of the damages and the scene if possible. Make sure to get the details of the other driver involved in the accident, including their name, ID and contact number and the make, model and licence number of their vehicle. Also take a note of the time that the accident occurred. All this information will assist you when reporting the accident to the police and to your insurance. It is essential that you report the accident to the police within 48 hours.

What happens next?

Reporting the accident to the police in time will enable you to make legal or insurance claims. If you believe that the road accident was the fault or responsibility of someone else, speak to Paul du Plessis Attorneys today. We can help you make a claim to receive compensation for the losses you suffered as a result of the accident. We are experienced in claims with the South African Road Accident Fund as well as private road accident claims. No matter what kind of road accident you have suffered, as a driver, cyclist or pedestrian, we can help. Speak to us at Paul du Plessis Attorneys for legal assistance regarding road accidents.

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