If someone has been hurt or killed in a road accident, they or their family can contact attorneys in Pretoria and inquire about claiming from the Road Accident Fund. The Road Accident Fund was established by the government to provide insurance cover for every South African who may fall victim to a road accident.

With thousands of South Africans being seriously or fatally injured  in road accidents every year, it is possible that you may find yourself in such unfortunate circumstances. When this happens, it would be advisable to contact attorneys in Pretoria like Paul Du Plessis to help you make a claim from the Road Accident Fund.

The money that is received as compensation can go a long way in alleviating the victim’s medical bills, as well as compensating for any loss of income that a person or their dependents may suffer.

Who Qualifies to Claim From the Road Accident Fund?

  1. The persons who are injured in the road accident (excluding the driver responsible for the accident).
  2. Any other drivers involved (with the exception of the one who is responsible for the accident).
  3. Any dependents of a deceased victim.
  4. Close family members who happened to pay for the funeral expenses of the deceased.

Who Does Not Qualify to Make a Claim?

  1. The person responsible for causing the accident.
  2. A driver who caused an accident and was injured, but was the only one involved in it.

Why You Need to Contact Attorneys in Pretoria?

While it is possible to claim for compensation on your own, such a decision is not advisable. The South African legal system can be complex and confusing for the ordinary person, and hiring attorneys in Pretoria may be the best decision you take. If you really want to ensure that you successfully claim compensation from the road accident fund, it is best that you get the help of legal experts.

Your attorneys in Pretoria have the experience and legal resources necessary to carry such a case to a successful conclusion. They will also guide you every step of the way, from paperwork and filing, to legal consultation and counselling. Making claims from the Road Accident Fund has to be done within a stipulated time depending on the nature of the case. Hiring attorneys in Pretoria will ensure that everything is done as per the law.

If you are looking to make a claim from the Road Accident Fund, you should contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys in Pretoria. The company has over 18 years of experience handling all kinds of Road Accident Fund claims.

Contact them for a free consultation and find out whether you qualify to make a claim. Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys in Pretoria, and let their expertise work for you.

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