When medical negligence threatens your life, attorneys in South Africa may be able to rescue it for you. You see, the loss of health from medical negligence is not the only loss you sustain. While you are focused on recovering as much of your health as possible, your finances are suffering.

Medical negligence injury and loss of wages is tragedy on top of tragedy. You may fall behind in your monthly payments, ruining your credit rating. The family home is at risk of foreclosure as you fall behind in mortgage payments. Child care is no longer affordable and you may be too ill to care for the children.

Meanwhile, Expenses Continue to Increase

Medical negligence attorneys in South Africa like Paul Du Plessis Attorneys are skilled at putting a value on the losses that add increased expenses. Transportation costs rise as you travel, sometimes long distances, to specialists for treatment to correct the effects of medical negligence. It is likely you are frequently in physical pain as a result of your injuries. When you return to work, you may have physical limitations that prevent you from performing your job. You have to accept a job with the company that pays less. The future is an unknown. Your medical provider may not know if you will have physical limitations in the future due to this instance of medical negligence. You may need long term home care.

Medical Negligence Attorneys Fight for You.

As a victim of medical negligence, it can be difficult to be heard. You need professionals to fight for you. They know the terrain well. They know the medical professionals and how their insurance companies operate. If there are other instances of the same negligent behaviour, your attorneys will document that. Medical negligence attorneys have the experience to place a value on your actual losses, potential losses, pain and suffering. They will tell you if you have a viable claim and what it is worth to you to pursue that claim. All costs for reviewing and then filing a law suit are assumed by the law firm until settlement is reached. If settlement is not reached, you will owe nothing.

As a victim of medical negligence, you deserve an advocate to speak on your behalf.  Seek counsel from attorneys in South Africa that specialise in medical negligence.

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