Retinopathy of prematurity is a condition that premature babies may contract if not treated properly.  This condition can cause permanent blindness. There is a well established standard of care that should be applied to ensure that blindness does not occur.  Health workers are well aware of this risk and they are trained in its management and treatment.  If this treatment is not followed properly blindness can occur.  If you are able to demonstrate that the care provided was not according to the standard of care, you have a claim for medical negligence.

What would constitute medical negligence?

In a case of blindness from retinopathy of prematurity, Paul du Plessis Attorneys will assess your case to determine if medical negligence is the cause.  This assessment takes into account the actions of the hospital and pediatrician and also the ophthalmologist.

Did the hospital properly monitor the correct oxygen levels in your baby’s blood? Did they refer your baby to an ophthalmologist for an examination?  The treating ophthalmologist is also expected to follow certain actions.  He or she should advise parents that the baby will need follow up eye examinations to monitor the condition, and should perform these examinations at the appropriate times.  The ophthalmologist is also expected to provide an accurate diagnosis of ROP in its early stages, and to properly treat it.  Failure to apply the correct treatment by the hospital, pediatrician or ophthalmologist could constitute medical negligence.  A panel of experts will assess if the correct treatment was followed.  Would another practitioner have followed the same actions as those that were taken, if placed in the same circumstances? If the answer is “no” you could have a good prospect for a successful claim.

What to do if your child is blind due to retinopathy of prematurity

Paul du Plessis Attorneys specialise in medical negligence cases and can assist.  Contact them today to discuss your situation.  If you have a viable claim they will take on your case on a no-win no-fee basis.  If blindness due to retinopathy of prematurity has occurred as a result of medical negligence you should pursue a claim.

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