Paul du Plessis Attorneys are Pretoria attorneys that you can count on.  There is so much to deal with when you have been seriously injured in an accident.  There is physical pain, emotional stress, and quite probably anxiety about your financial future.  

An accident is just that: an accident.  But when it is through no fault of your own, but because of the actions of others, you should not have to bear the consequences of that accident by yourself.  Paul du Plessis Attorneys feel passionate about the work that they do. They are committed to enabling your future lifestyle through a successful claim.  They will endeavor to claim the maximum possible so that you can rebuild your life.

Paul du Plessis Attorneys can help

When your future depends on a successful claim, go to the Pretoria attorneys that care.  Paul du Plessis Attorneys understand what you are going through. Their concern and empathy will be immediately apparent and they will endeavor to make the legal process as manageable for you as possible.  

With their specialist knowledge in both the medical and legal aspects of your claim, they know what is needed to be successful.  Their experience will ensure that your case gets thoroughly investigated.  They will also ensure that you see all the right experts so that your claim can be properly assessed.  Paul du Plessis Attorneys work on the principle of No Win –No Fee.

Not only in Pretoria: Attorneys that help throughout South Africa

Paul du Plessis Attorneys are based in Pretoria but they will handle claims in all parts of South Africa, and in all jurisdictions.  They are experts in medical law and medical malpractice, dealing with these cases wherever they take place.  This practice focuses on medical negligence, personal injury and road accident fund claims.  Paul himself has a particular interest in cases involving brain injury to children as a result of birth injuries.  If you have had the misfortune of suffering an accident caused by another, these Pretoria attorneys are ready to help you.  They are waiting for your call.

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