If you believe that a recent injury you have suffered was caused by another person, you have the right to make a personal injury claim. The injury could have been caused by a malicious or deliberate action to harm you, or through someone being negligent and causing an accident in which you were injured. The person in question may not even be aware that they are responsible for the injury. Even if you are unsure about who was responsible, you are well within your rights to have the matter investigated by an attorney. At Paul du Plessis Attorneys we guarantee a thorough and exhaustive investigation to determine all the facts surrounding your personal injury case. The preliminary investigation and quantifying of damages is done at no expense to you.

Professional, friendly and caring attorneys at your service

Our practice is based on strong ethical and moral justice values, and we want to ensure that you are equipped to live your life to the fullest after suffering a personal injury. A personal injury can be tough without the right support, which is why we offer affordable legal services that deliver. We work on a no win – no fee contingency basis. With over 18 years of experience in personal injury claims, our top class attorneys have many successful cases to their names.

What am I allowed to claim for in a personal injury case?

You have a right to be compensated in a monetary value that is equivalent to any and all of the losses you suffered as a result of an injury at the hands of another. This means that all your medical expenses and physical therapy expenses to treat your injury will be covered. If you were unable to work while you recovered from the injury, you will also be compensated for a loss of income, as well as loss of support of you are the main breadwinner for your family. If the injury has rendered you unable to continue your work, you can also claim for loss of earning capacity. Further claims for pain and suffering, disabilities, disfigurement and trauma can be made as well. Contact Paul du Plessis for excellent legal assistance with personal injury claims.

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