If you find yourself involved in an unfortunate road accident that was not of your own doing, then you will need to find attorneys in Pretoria to assist you claim compensation from the Road Accident Fund. After all, you might have suffered a debilitating personal injury or even lost a loved one in the road accident and attorneys in Pretoria can help you make things right. That is, as right as compensation will allow it to be made.

The statistics regarding road accidents in South Africa speak for themselves. It is estimated that there are about 40 fatalities on South African roads every day, with 25 people being paralysed daily. For every fatality on South African roads, there are another 20 – 30 people who suffer some kind of serious injury. The Road Accident Fund is there to help you claim compensation if you have been injured in a road accident or have lost a loved one due to negligence by a third party.

Can Attorneys in Pretoria Help My Situation?

The Road Accident Fund is meant to compensate victims who have been involved in road accidents that were not their fault. The monetary compensation can go a long way in helping the affected victims or their families cope with their situation. Personal insurance for road accident victims, or for their relatives, is provided for people who have died as a result of a road accident under the Road Accident Fund.

There are many factors that come into play when the Road Accident Fund decides on compensation for claims. For example, the seriousness of the victim’s injuries, the suffering and pain experienced, and the extended effects of the accident are some of the considerations.

Get Reliable Representation

As a victim of a road accident, it is advised that you consult reputable and experienced attorneys in Pretoria ensuring you are assisted by top experienced medico-legal minds practising in South Africa. Avail yourself of attorneys in Pretoria who will be help to prove that you have suffered damages requiring compensation. The process can be lengthy and complex and could prove to be costly, but rest assured, your attorneys in Pretoria will be working to ensure you receive a satisfactory outcome.

If, unfortunately, you are a victim and need to secure legal representation to launch a claim against the road accident fund, contact Paul du Plessis attorneys in Pretoria. With over 18 years of handling all kinds of RAF cases, Paul du Plessis, attorneys in Pretoria provide superior legal expertise and representation.

Whether you wish to claim for compensation for injuries suffered, lost income due to your inability to work, loss of income due to death of a breadwinner, funeral costs of a loved one, or current and future medical costs, Paul du Plessis attorneys can help you. Simply contact Paul du Plessis attorneys in Pretoria, and let them assist you with your claim and consequently make things right in some way.

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