No Warning Label? A Defect Product Can Be Grounds For A Personal Injury Claim

Have you ever bought a packaged meal and wished you could have sued someone for the food poisoning you got after realising the food had expired? Perhaps you excitedly unwrapped the latest appliance and plugged it in, only to receive a nasty electric shock? Maybe you bought a product guaranteed to last 2 years that wore down or broke within a few months. Sometimes, these kinds of things result only in your inconvenience as you return the item to the store for an exchange or a refund. A measly refund does not seem worth it after days of feeling ill from tainted food, or injured from a defective product. If you suffered any type of injury from a defective product, you are able to make a personal injury claim against the manufacturers or producers of the product.

Personal injury claims for defective products

A personal injury claim can be made if you were harmed by a defective product. This could be expired or tainted food products, inferior materials in the product, a hazardous component of the product, or a lack of appropriate warnings and instructions for the product. It could also have been a car defect or mechanical failure that should have been noticed at your last servicing. The responsibility for your injury does not lie on you, but on the person or company who allowed the defect or lack of warning to go unchecked when you purchased the product. It is often the manufacturer’s fault, but it can also be the fault of a secondary person or organisation, such as the particular store you bought it from, or a car mechanic or repair-person who missed or even caused the defect. An attorney can advise on who you should claim against, depending on the circumstances surrounding the product and your injury.

Paul du Plessis Attorneys are experts in personal injury claims

Speak to Paul du Plessis Attorneys for assistance with your personal injury claim. They will investigate the claim free of charge and will ensure that they lay the foundations for a successful case. For thorough, professional and understanding legal services for defective product personal injury claims, contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys today.

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