Paul du Plessis Attorneys are passionate about the work that they do. This firm specialises in Personal Injury, Medical Negligence, and Road Accident Fund claims. The team has an intimate understanding of the law related to these cases. They are also empathetic and compassionate and understand the challenges facing their clients. To ensure that they have the best chance of a successful claim, thorough practical and theoretical research is done for every case. With access to the best medical experts and opinion, the team will ensure that proper investigation and assessment takes place. They will also make sure that the amount that is claimed is appropriate. By making use of an Actuary to quantify the claim, they take into account the long-term impact the injury sustained will have on their client.

What does it cost and what can you expect?

Paul du Plessis will assess your claim at the outset to decide if your case has merit. This will be at no cost to you. If they agree your claim could be successful they will continue with a thorough investigation, consulting all the relevant experts. The attorneys will pay all expenses involved, including travel and accommodation. Ultimately these will be paid from the successful settlement. Each case is assessed on merit so there is no rule of thumb regarding how much can be claimed. Paul du Plessis has achieved excellent results, however. Some significant settlements include, for example, R10 million for brain damage and partial blindness, R1.2 million for a moderate spinal injury, and R4.25 for a leg amputation. It is the policy of the firm to aim for the maximum compensation possible so that the client has an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

Where do Paul du Plessis Attorneys operate?

Paul du Plessis Attorneys are based in Pretoria, Gauteng. They assist clients from all over the country, however, and manage claims in all jurisdictions. Give yourself the best chance of a successful claim and use the experts. If you need an attorney for your personal injury, medical negligence, or Road Accident Fund claim, contact them today.

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