You may wonder why people file medical claims in Pretoria when money won’t fix what’s gone so wrong. It seems opportunistic to use a tragic event as a way to get money. After all, the money will not restore a lost limb or eye. It cannot bring back the ability to walk or repair a damaged brain so a child can learn.  It cannot bring back a loved one who died in an accident.

No One Volunteers Compensation

One reason injured individuals file medical claims in Pretoria is that someone else’s negligence has caused their physical or mental disability. Those people, corporations, manufacturers or medical providers do not admit negligence or responsibility.  They do not place a large sum of money in your hand, pat you on the back and wish you well. They wait for you to demand it and then tell you to prove it.

Life Altering Negligence

Imagine yourself in someone like Janet’s situation. Janet is in her late 20’s and healthy. She had a non-eventful pregnancy and expected to deliver a healthy child by natural means. At no time during her pregnancy did Janet’s healthcare provider suggest that her delivery would be anything other than normal.

Unfortunately, Janet’s difficult and prolonged labour resulted in a lack of oxygen to the baby. The baby has permanent brain damage that proper medical intervention could have been prevented.

Everything Changes

If this happened, the life of Janet and her family will be turned upside down — both emotionally and financially. Janet would be emotionally devastated. She would feel angry and betrayed by her medical providers. Her family would be in upheaval caused by their helplessness to correct this wrong. The unfixable cannot be fixed, so a new normal for Janet’s life has to be found.

Inevitable Changes

What would happen next?

  • Janet loved her job and needs the income but she will not be returning to work.
  • The baby sees several specialists, which is time consuming and costs money.
  • Janet herself is undergoing counselling.
  • Her family has had to hire household help for Janet to care for her home and baby.
  • Future care for the baby will continue to be financially demanding.

Why File Medical Claims in Pretoria?

If you were Janet, there are 3 reasons to file medical claims in Pretoria:

  1. Trusted medical providers were negligent and their actions needed exposing for the benefit of future patients.
  2. Janet has lost her income and maybe even her medical insurance is in question.
  3. The child’s medical care will continue for life.

Money Paves the Road Ahead

Sadly, money will not reverse the damage. However, money from medical claims will enable a family impoverished by medical negligence to live and care for their family member. Instead of adding insult to injury, medical claims will pay things like medical bills; transportation costs; in-home care; a lifetime of lost wages; and ongoing health care and therapeutic treatment for the life of the injured party.

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