If you find yourself a victim of medical negligence, then you need to call in the best attorneys in Pretoria. With the current explosion of medical malpractice litigation in South Africa, it could definitely be the best course to take to ensure your claim is handled effectively.

The health care system in South Africa has been experiencing a steady decline in medical standards. The sad result has been that people are falling victim to medical negligence on an increasing scale. This is why you need to know that you can always turn to attorneys in Pretoria to help you handle your medical negligence claim.

Can Attorneys in Pretoria Help You?

What do you understand by medical negligence? ‘Medical negligence’ is a term used to describe the negative outcome of a medical procedure that could have been averted by the doctor or health worker. Any carelessness, failure to provide adequate assistance or ignorance on the part of the medical practitioner, medical institution or their staff can constitute negligence.

When you fall victim to medical negligence, you might not know what steps to take or how to ascertain whether your rights have been violated or not.  You may chalk it all up to an “accident” or a “common occurrence.” But the truth can be remarkably different and affirming your position is vital.

Medical Litigation on the Rise

South African hospitals are currently facing a crisis of medical litigation claims due to low medical standards and weak oversight.  A rise in the number of large medical negligence claims, up by 250%, has been experienced over the last 5 years. Birth injuries, negligence in the emergency room, botched cosmetic surgeries, anaesthesia deaths, poor admission procedures and after care treatment are just a few examples of the types of medical negligence experienced every day in medical facilities all over the country.

Attorneys in Pretoria who are well versed in both legal and medical cases are the experts to consult if you are in need of assistance. Their job is to help you determine whether your injury, or the injury or death of a loved one was indeed “unavoidable” or was a result of medical negligence. Modern medicine is complex and negligence is hard to spot. But when you contact attorneys in Pretoria, you can rest assured that if the truth is out there, they will find it.

Have you suffered from medical negligence and don’t know who to turn to for help? Contact Paul du Plessis, attorneys in Pretoria. Paul du Plessis Attorneys has an efficient, professional and experienced legal team to take care of your medical negligence claims and to ensure you receive the outcome you deserve.

Simply contact Paul du Plessis, attorneys in Pretoria and rest assured you have the right attorneys in Pretoria to handle your medical negligence claim.

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