If you have suffered from medical negligence then you will need the specialist help of expert attorneys in Gauteng, such as Paul du Plessis Attorneys. They specialise in helping clients get the compensation they deserve, and are determined to make medical negligence claims as stress free as possible.

Medical negligence can come in many forms, and can affect people of all ages, but the key to success in these cases is to act swiftly and decisively. That is why you should contact a medico-legal expert immediately if you think that you, or a loved one, have suffered because of medical negligence and malpractice.

Attorneys In Gauteng Helping To Prove Medical Negligence

Medical negligence cases are rising across South Africa, but they are not always easy to prove which is why you should seek the services of attorneys in Gauteng who are specialists in this particular legal area. An investigation will need to be undertaken, and expert advice sought.

Paul du Plessis lawyers can help with all this and more. We have access to medical experts who can provide an opinion on your particular case, based upon detailed information in the form of a log that you will help to provide.  This step greatly increases your chances of proving medical negligence and winning your case.

What Is Medical Negligence?

People often think that they know what medical negligence is, but they may not realise that it has to conform to a strict definition as set down by the courts. The test that the courts apply is to place a reasonable doctor in exactly the same situation and assess how they would react.

This means taking account of all the manifold factors that are involved in a case, which can include the condition itself, the behaviour of the patient, and any complications that arise. If the court, using expert testimony and analysis, determines that a reasonable doctor in the same situation would have acted differently, in other words, they would not commit the same error. This amounts to medical negligence.

Your Medico-Legal Attorneys In Gauteng

When it comes to specialist attorneys in Gauteng who are experts in medical negligence cases, Paul du Plessis Attorneys assures you of exceptional service.  We’ve been operating predominantly in this area for twenty years, and have a great reputation for a client-centric focus that aims to bring the best possible result for clients at all times.

With access to high quality medical experts, and a thorough understanding of legal precedence in medical negligence claims, we can help your claim go smoothly in proving medical negligence. Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys for more information.

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