Medical Aid Schemes And The Road Accident Fund

Have you recently been in a road accident and want to claim against the Road Accident Fund? Where does your medical aid scheme fit into the claim? Can your medical aid be covered by an RAF pay-out? These are important questions to ask after a road accident. Most people have a medical aid scheme that will make payments on their behalf for emergency medical treatments resulting from road accident injuries. After being involved in a road accident, you will need to speak to your medical aid consultant to find out what medical expenses they may have covered, and the conditions under which you need to repay this amount. It can be a shock to find out after the fact that your medical aid does not cover accident-related costs, so it is best to enquire as soon as possible.

Why will my medical aid not cover my road accident-related medical expenses?

Most medical aid schemes are not liable for any accident-related costs in cases where the member is able to institute an action against another party. For example, if your accident was caused by a drunk or irresponsible driver and you are claiming against the RAF, the RAF is then covering your medical expenses in place of your medical aid. If you have a successful claim against the RAF and there is a pay-out, you will likely be obligated to use this money to pay back your medical aid for the medical expenses it covered. A medical aid is still beneficial if you require further medical care that is not covered in your RAF pay-out; in these cases, the expenses will likely be covered as per usual according to your medical aid agreement.

Get legal advice for medical aid and RAF claims

It can be difficult to know where to start or what to do next when it comes to RAF claims, and even more confusing if you’re unsure where you stand with your medical aid. Let us assist you and you can expect outstanding results. We are specialists in road accident claims and can offer exceptional legal assistance. If you are having difficulties with either your medical aid or your RAF claim, contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys today.

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