Making a Claim with the RAF – What to Expect

When one gets injured in a car accident, there are many things that we are unaware of that is on the road ahead. When people experience accidents or think of them, they think of either death or injury. There is so much more that an individual or their loved ones will deal with after an accident. Firstly, there will be stress, heart break and trauma that everyone will experience. There will be lots of doctors, hospital stays and maybe a visit to rehab, especially for those experiencing more serious injuries. There will be the need to report the incident to the police, and proceed with any criminal charges if this applies, and so much more.
What is the Road Accident Fund?
The Road Accident Fund or the RAF is a government institution that is there to compensate those who have had been involved in an accident on the public roads in South Africa. This is to help those who have been injured in the accident to heal and get medical care especially if they are not able to continue to make a living anymore, or they are suffering life changing injuries. This fund exists to assist pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicle occupants in accidents that were caused by negligent drivers. This fund exists to help South Africans survive after an unfortunate accident.
Making Your Claim
In order to make your claim, it is necessary that you seek legal representation to assist you in being successful in your claim. There will be copious amounts of legal documents, court dates and other hidden obstacles that will keep the process frustrating. By having legal assistance from the beginning will assist you in not having your case dismissed for technicalities or misunderstandings. It will make the process much more bearable if you understand what is going on, and how the case is going. This will be long and emotionally draining process, guidance and advice will definitely make a difference!
Paul Du Plessis Attorneys
When seeking legal representation and assistance, one should seek the council of experienced and professional attorneys that understand the process of the RAF. Paul Du Plessis Attorneys is one such attorneys that will be able to help you through a difficult time and help you get justice. Visit their website for more information.

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