A major portion of personal injury claims in Pretoria address loss of income and loss of earning capacity, that is, what you would foreseeably have earned if you could continue work. The final amount you’ll be awarded of course depends on several important factors. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Factors affecting personal injury claims in Pretoria

  • Your work position and income prior to the accident.
  • Your likely future career path; the progress you were making and if you were up for any promotions.
  • How your injuries impact your ability to perform your given work profile; this can be anything from a physical injury that prevents you performing necessary manual tasks to a brain injury which leaves you unable to cope adequately with the logistical aspects of your business or job.
  • Your likelihood of finding an equivalent work position after the accident; and your employability in general.

You may be fortunate enough to make a complete recovery and be able to return to work. Or you may need to be retrained to work in another position. Worst case scenario is that you’ll not be able to continue in mainstream employment. Whatever your scenario, remember you will be required to submit medical records proving your personal injury claim in Pretoria.

Claims Calculations

The calculation of the final amount is usually referred to an actuary, who figures in various contingencies like inflation and discounting, to arrive at a total. This amount, if invested wisely at a market-related return, will be enough to provide financial support – from both the capital sum and interest accrued – to cover you until average retirement age. Creating a pension or retirement fund would be up to you, just as it would be if you were employed.

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Consult with the experts

That is why when it comes to personal injury claim in Pretoria it pays to consult with an experienced claims attorney who specialises in medico-legal services and can secure you the greatest possible award amount. The personal injury and the consequent loss of income you are claiming for must be due to an accident caused by the negligent or intentional act of another.

The details of the accident, including those of your personal injuries, need to be thoroughly and accurately recorded in order for their potential debilitating effects to be quantified. This is particularly important when it comes to calculating your loss of income and if relevant, your loss of future earning capacity.

If you’re looking for a leading medico-legal claims service in Pretoria which offers expert legal assistance at an affordable price, contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys. With 18 years’ experience in personal injury claims, Paul du Plessis Attorneys covers all expenses related to quantifying and investigating your claim on a ‘no win – no fee’ basis.

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