Living With A Disability: Was It The Doctor’s Fault?

Living with a disability can be tough, whether it is you yourself or a member of your family. It may have happened recently as the result of an injury or you may have been living with it from birth. Any disability, from blindness to brain damage to an amputated limb, requires special facilities and aides to make life easier. Do you need a chauffeur to drive for you every time you need to go out? Perhaps you require daily physiotherapy classes, or a special tutor, or specialised equipment, or a live-in assistant. The monthly expenses to support even the most basic needs for a disability can be exorbitant. What if the disability you are living with could have been avoided? The person responsible for causing the disability could be liable to compensate your family for these expenses.

Could the disability have been caused by a negligent doctor?

Many disabilities and conditions are caused by insufficient or irresponsible medical treatment and care. Birth-related injuries are often a result of medical malpractice, as an infant’s health and wellbeing is so dependent on the strict and careful treatment he or she receives before, during and after birth. A disability could also have arisen from a more recent medical treatment in later life. For example, you may have been injured in a car accident, and a doctor may not have acted swiftly enough or with the right methods, causing you to lose a limb, organ or important physical functionality. A doctor may also have caused a disability through misdiagnosing an earlier condition, prescribing the wrong medication, or acting negligently in any way when providing medical treatment. If any of these examples seem familiar or relate to your disability, it would be prudent to look closer at the medical treatment you received at the time your disability began.

Compensation for your disability

If your case is investigated and shows that a doctor, through negligence, inattention or irresponsible behaviour, caused your disability, you can claim against them for compensation. Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys for disability claims and legal assistance that can ease some of your burden.

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