Paul Du Plessis attorneys in Pretoria have seen the tragic results of incorrect medical diagnoses. When your health and life is at risk because of medical negligence, please know that you have rights to recourse and compensation.

Imagine yourself in Marcia’s situation. Pain in her stomach plagued her off and on for two weeks. Her doctor ruled out appendicitis because she did not have fever or pain in the right lower section of her abdomen.  The diagnosis was an intestinal infection and the treatment was antibiotics. Marcia felt a little better right up until severe pain on her right side dropped her to her knees. 70-year old Marcia’s appendix burst flooding her body with bacteria and threatening her life.

Was It a Mistake or Medical Negligence?

In Pretoria, attorneys specialising in medical negligence will evaluate your claim for merit. For instance, Marcia would likely have a claim because an ultra sound would have identified appendicitis before it became lethal. Medical practitioners know the appendix can hide behind other organs. When that happens, there is often no pain on the lower right abdomen. They also know that appendicitis is rare in elderly persons but not unheard of. Marcia’s pain pointed to many different serious conditions. Not performing thorough testing was medically negligent. Marcia may not have lost her life but she still lost her strength and expenses increased.  Marcia would probably never fully regain her health after surgery because of her age. She deserves compensation.

Consult South African Personal Injury Attorneys in Pretoria

Marcia’s experience is hypothetical but you may have a valid medical negligence claim. You can afford to pursue compensation. If a consultation with Paul Du Plessis Attorneys shows that your case is valid, your representation is on a contingency basis.

What makes a claim viable? When a medical misdiagnosis causes pain, suffering, permanent disability, lost wages, increased expenses for care or death you may have a solid claim. You are entitled to compensation for two reasons. One is because you need the money to cover your extraordinary expenses and recoup your losses. In addition, each medical negligence lawsuit by clients and their attorneys in Pretoria serves as notice of accountability to the medical profession.

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