The number of medical claims in Pretoria has increased tremendously over the last ten years. It seems that many people are becoming aware of their right to seek legal action whenever they suspect a case of medical negligence against them.

With the drop in medical standards in a good number of South African hospitals, it is in your best interests to ensure that you are made fully aware of all the potential side effects of any medical procedure you may need to undergo. In some cases, the patient is not informed of all the possible outcomes of a medical procedure. This can cause confusion and fear if there is a problem with the procedure.

Many people believe that public health in South Africa is facing an implosion, and if there is a possibility that something might go wrong, it probably will. Even if this isn’t your opinion, it still pays to know that you have recourse if something does go wrong.

A lack of clear communication about all the risks that the patient faces prior to a medical procedure can be deemed to be medical negligence. This leaves room for the patient to make medical claims against the doctor as well as the hospital. In case you were not adequately informed by your medical practitioner and you suffer any kind of unexpected side effects, you have the legal right to pursue a medical negligence claim.

How Do I Make Valid Medical Claims in Pretoria?

In most cases, patients are not aware if the complications they experience after a procedure are the result of negligence or not. You have to know this if you are to make a valid claim. Things do go wrong sometimes, but not all medical complications can be chalked up to medical negligence.

However, a lack of disclosure by medical personnel about possible ‘bad outcomes’ of a procedure may give the patient cause to seek legal redress for medical negligence. You can make medical claims in Pretoria for damages relating to loss of earnings, medical expenses, emotional or psychological trauma.

You should also get a second opinion as well as a lawyer who specialises in such cases. A good medical negligence attorney can help you navigate the murky waters of medical claims. Your attorney will work with you to obtain all your medical records so that your claim can be submitted within the stipulated time under South African law. The process can often be long and complex, so make sure that you procure the services of a legal expert who is experienced and of recognised repute.

Where Can I Find Help?

There are many law firms that can deal with medical negligence claims. However, if you are looking for competent attorneys, contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys to handle your medical claims in Pretoria. The company has an experienced and professional team that can handle your case effectively.

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