If you are the victim of a road accident that was caused due to no fault of your own, you need the best personal injury attorneys in Pretoria to help you make a road accident fund claim. Victims of road accidents can be eligible for a variety of damages based on the kind of personal injury they’ve suffered as well as the kind of financial losses they might have suffered due to the injury.

Road accidents can be particular dangerous and without the right attorneys in Pretoria, you might not find yourself suitably placed to make a claim for the road accident funds that you truly deserve!

Filing for Road Accident Funds is Complicated

Talk To A Specialist

There are certain things that you need to do in order to file a proper claim for road accident funds – with or without attorneys in Pretoria!

  • You need to get examined by a medico-legal professional to quantify your injuries
  • There needs to be an investigation into the accident to identify due cause and your role in it
  • All statutory claim forms must be filed within the prescribed time limit
  • Your intention to file for the accident fund must be documented in writing
  • Then begins the process of filing the claim and fighting for your rights, in or out of court

When you are going through this entire process, knowing what to do and when is essential. That is where some of the best attorneys in Pretoria can come to your aid.

Getting Help from Attorneys in Pretoria

The first thing that happens, when you hire attorneys in Pretoria, is that they are the ones who take care of the paperwork and filing process. All you need to do is, in the documentation of your intention to file for road accident funds, you need to specify that you are hiring an attorney in Pretoria to represent you.

Let Us Help You

Then, a top quality attorney like Paul du Plessis can take over the process and everything from applying for summons to negotiating the outcome of the trial – in or outside of the court – will be the responsibility of the lawyer. At Paul du Plessis, an 18-year history in road accident fund claims and a no win – no fee contingency ensures that you will never leave our offices without a smiling face!

So come on down to Paul du Plessis attorneys in Pretoria or just give us a call and let us handle your file claims for you.

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